Writing a mystery shopper report

Throughout the store, there were creative displays of merchandise such as wine, flowers and sale items such as water bottles, chips and toilet paper at the end of many of the store aisles.

Mystery Shopper Report

Read and print out all information sent to you before the shop. When in doubt, include it.

Writing Samples on Mystery Shopper Applications

Jason rang up my purchase quickly and correctly. Here were 11 of the 25 questions asked in the report: You wrote a report filled with fabulous details and filed it hours ahead of your deadline.

The hamburger was hot, but the bun was a little stale.

Writing Samples on Mystery Shopper Applications

What on earth went wrong? Bear in mind that when you are in an establishment, you may find a number of concerns, but if you include them all, it can bog down your report.

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Here is an example of a writing sample that is about words. You cannot vary the format. Does that mean that the dressing room was clean, but there were clothes left in it?

How to Write a Mystery Shopper Report

For example, if your writing sample is full of opinion and criticism, it does not show you in the best light. Using spell check can help catch errors in your reports, but also proofread carefully. After double checking your work, spend a few minutes or hours away from it and relax.

In the end, explaining your No answers is in the best interest of the client, as they are the ones who decide whether a shop is valuable to them or not.

One of the biggest mistakes shoppers make is wavering about details. Double check the address, phone number, and hours of the establishment you are to shop. The 1 characteristic of a good mystery shopping report is accuracy.

The floors were clean, there were tables next to the deli department and they were clean and shiny as well. Some companies would have dropped the last paragraph because they don't want you to express your opinion.

However, when I was nearly done with the meal, I was looking for her so I could get the bill. The cashier who assisted me was very pleasant, asked if I found everything I needed and rang me up quickly and professionally.

Were the bathrooms unclean? Failure to do so will undoubtedly lower your grade or cause you to forfeit payment for your hard work. However, you can make your report as attractive as possible by using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage.

You must comment on any questions that you answered NO to. Stick to the facts. All said a collected "hello. The editor typically does not see it again and will not remember specific details such as the number of misspelled words days later.

You may be surprised by the errors you can still find when you take a look at it with fresh eyes. Read and print out all information sent to you before the shop.Top Ten Secret Shopper Report Writing Tips August 17, by Cathy Stucker 3 Comments Here are some tips for making the process of writing mystery shopper reports more effective and efficient, and making your reports better.

Once the shop has been completed, the mystery shopper needs to write out a shopper report. The overall look of the article doesn't matter. However, there are several key points to follow while recording the information. Tips on Writing Narratives for Mystery Shopping Reports By Danielle Parks, Customer Impact Editor As an editor, I have come to understand that one of the most important parts of a mystery shopping report is the narrative that the shopper provides.

As a secret shopper, after you complete your work, report writing is your final task. However, you may be surprised on how the lengths of mystery shopping reports. Read our blog post on Mystery Shopping Report Details to learn more. Remember, if you ever have a question about how to apply this requirement to the shop you are currently working on, you can always ask your scheduler or editor.

Our team is dedicated to helping you submit the best shop report you can possibly write. Writing reports is one of the most important tasks in mystery shopping, and as a shopper, you must be able to do it well.

A comprehensive, professional, and error-free report is what most companies expect from a secret shopper, so it is important to learn the techniques that are key to providing that. Keep in [ ].

Writing a mystery shopper report
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